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Exterior Detailing Service​

Exterior Detailing Service

At Wong Auto Detailing, we understand the importance of providing your car with exterior detailing services to keep it looking its best. Our exterior detailing services are designed to leave your vehicle looking shiny and new by removing dirt, grime, and contaminants from the surface while protecting it from further damage. We use only the highest-quality products and tools to ensure that all of our clients’ cars are given the most thorough cleaning and protection available.

When you come in for our exterior detailing services, we start by pre-washing your car with a specially formulated soap solution. This helps to loosen any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the surface of your vehicle, making it easier for us to remove during the actual detailing process. Afterward, we use a high-pressure water hose to rinse away any remaining residue before applying a specialty wax or sealant that will help protect your car’s paint finish. We also include a clay bar treatment which will rid your car’s surface of any embedded contaminants that may remain after rinsing.

Finally, we finish off our exterior detailing service with an application of a sealant or wax that helps repel dust, dirt particles, and road debris as well as blocking harmful UV rays from fading your paint job. Depending on what type of vehicle you have, we may also suggest installing a ceramic coating for added protection against environmental elements such as rain, snow sleet, sun exposure etc.

At Wong Auto Detailing we take pride in doing whatever it takes to make sure you get the best results possible when it comes to keeping your vehicle looking its best inside and out! Our team has many years of experience working with customers just like you who trust us with their cars because they know they can always expect professional service and quality results at an affordable price! We look forward to helping you keep your car looking great every step of the way!

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